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your Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation Partner

The SMAC stack is the ecosystem that
enables companies to do business in the digital economy

Solutions to solve the new paradigm of interacting with customers and stakeholders.

A permanent connection between your business and your clients.

An easier and more efficient way to use and share resources.

Improvement of your products via Social Data.

Live data monitoring accessible from different sources.

A faster way of working that provides costs and time savings.

Production-chain automation with better worker/industry safety for productivity gains.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to digitise your device.

Artificial Intelligence to convert data in added value.

Creation of an insights-driven business strategy.

A better understanding of the company.

Uncovered information, hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences knowledge.

On-line databases and virtual access from multiple sites.

Awareness of the critical insights in a few seconds and real-time execution.

Improvement of the supply chain efficiency.

Better management of the product lifecycle.

Make your business remain competitive
and relevant in Industry 4.0

- Why IRIS SMAC is a value bet for your business? -


mixed up with our BEST QUALITIES,

We listen to you

We listen accurately to your problems, understand them and give you the best solution. Every solution is executed via agile methodologies (based on Scrum), defining milestones and tangible deliverables with you and for your success.

Turn-key solutions provider

We cover end-to-end any software or hardware development solution needed. We will work hand-to-hand during all the process to solve your problem. You don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll do it all for you.

Experts in what we do

We are a multidisciplinary and experienced telecommunications experts team. The numerous R&D delivered projects in PAT, Photonics, IoT and ICTs have given us the know-how to approach any project you imagine.

to offer you the BEST SERVICES.

IT platforms for industrial digitisation applications.

Cloud Solutions totally integrated on client facilities.

Tools for predictive capability support based on data management and embedded Artificial Intelligence.

High-demanding Big Data, multi-Platform and cutting edge solutions.

Implementation of scalable and easy to maintain long-term IoT solutions.

What our SMAC users say about us

Smart Agriculture

Thanks to the good work done between the teams of IRIS and GESCASER, we have been able to get a great benefit from the end-to-end solution development they have done for us with CTC+, a software capable of providing very detailed information of the stored grain quality as well as adding a prediction system, based on artificial intelligence tools, which learns from previous experiences in the silo, improving the efficiency of the ventilation system. For GESCASER this software has been a qualitative leap that our customers have been grateful for.

Amadeu Casañé

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‘We choose to do these things not because they are easy,

but because they are hard’

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