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Digitisation vs Digitalisation


Digital Transformation or Digitalisation is a relatively new term for many people but it has come to stay in our society. So much this is so, that it affects the present and the future of businesses. But is this a reality? All those companies that would like to remain competitive in the future for Industry 4.0, must go through a digital transformation in their present. But… what is this Digital Transformation and what really involves?

Digitalisation involves a change in the paradigm and new organization culture, throughout the integration of digital technologies in all the business areas of a company. In other words, Digital Transformation goes through the Digitisation of the internal processes of the company. To this, both terms go intimately mixed up together.



Digitising consists of converting information from a physical format into a digital one, transform into digital the basic processes of the different areas of a business, such as changing the ordinary mailing into electronic mailing or creating a electronic billing, with the resultant paper use reduction and sustainable future bet, Social Media presence, CRM management…

However, Digital Transformation requires more than this. It needs digitisation to improve the processes of the company. How could be this possible? Through four technologies that have been united for this purpose:


· Social Businesses (Social): Having a presence on the Internet, interacting with clients and other companies, to obtain greater performance and knowledge of the market and the company itself.

· Mobility (Mobile): Having access to information from any device and any place, has become an essential requirement for both consumers and companies, as the way to work and consume has changed radically in recent years.

· Big Data (Analytics): Machine Learning Tools and Artificial Intelligence technologies offer organizations greater knowledge of the collected data to help them to make faster and more accurate decisions on multiple strategic business areas.

· Cloud Computing (Cloud): Being able to store data in a single place, accessible and editable by all parties involved in a process, provides agility of action and transformation to organizations.


To sum up, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. SMAC is, therefore, the synonym of Digitalisation. IRIS SMAC is, by extension, the right partner to help companies carry out the Digital Transformation.  



Since digitisation converts the company’s processes into data, and data helps organizations discover and generate new business opportunities, companies need to learn to understand them quickly, in order to change the value or quality of what they do to deliver the result that the client expects to.

Just because storing data without its further analysis has no profitable use, in IRIS SMAC, we use the most innovative technologies and all our experience, to create added value information from the data obtained from the Internet of Things (IoT) that helps companies to make the difference from their competitors.

Thanks to carrying out Digitalisation from the hands of an experienced partner such as IRIS SMAC, your business can get the following benefits, among others:


· Time and costs savings.

· Reduction in the volume of human mistakes, produced by routine tasks.

· An increase in productivity and internal collaborators cooperation.

· Greater speed and quality of customer service.

· Increase in the economic profitability of the company.

· Quicker answer capability in front of market changes.

· Creation of competitive advantage for the company.


Is your business ready for the future? If the answer is NO, what are you waiting to contact IRIS SMAC?