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The recipe for a successful Digital Transformation


Are you planning to take the step towards Digital Transformation but you don’t know how to do it? IRIS SMAC is your solution. We have the perfect recipe to carry it out. You only need to follow the steps outlined below to cook the success of your business.










1.     If you have an MES application built up for years… Congratulations! You’re in the correct path.

– Now, step back and have a look at your business.

– Think about all the business, manufacturing processes and systems that have fed this MES.

– Do a list of the times and people that have reviewed the data.

– Ask some questions:

   · Is there duplicate data?

   · Is the data in the right format?

   · Do you have some data no longer needed?



2.     You have a great experts team. Orray! Great businesses are built by great people.

 – Think about this: “To innovate quickly and adopt new processes methods, you need to enable people”.

 – Take some time to talk to your employees. Help them and then, they will help you.

   · Take their ideas into consideration. They may think that things could be done in a different way and maybe, this new way could be a better way to do things.

   · Help them to evolve their skills. Then, they will improve the processes for sure.



 3.    Create a SMAC strategy based on these four pillar technologies:

– Social Businesses (Social): Having a presence on the Internet, interacting with clients and other companies, to obtain greater performance and knowledge of the market and the company itself.

– Mobility (Mobile): Having access to information from any device and any place, has become an essential requirement for both consumers and companies, as the way to work and consume has changed radically in recent years.

– Big Data (Analytics): Machine Learning Tools and Artificial Intelligence technologies offer organizations greater knowledge of the collected data to help them to make faster and more accurate decisions on multiple strategic business areas.

– Cloud Computing (Cloud): Being able to store data in a single place, accessible and editable by all parties involved in a process, provides the agility of action and transformation to organizations.



4.     Always use this famous statement as a way of life: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

– Don’t panic! Changes take time. No company can make changes overnight. If you think you can do it… let me tell you that you are so optimistic.

– Go step by step. Don’t try to tackle a large end to end solution all at once.

  · Think of the big picture of what you want for your business.

  · Plan little and realistic steps to achieve them.

  · Start where all your organization will be ready to realize business value quickly.



5.     Mix all them up and then you will be ready for Digital Transformation.

– Keep in mind that companies that aren’t transforming will be overtaken by all the new businesses and new services that can enable their customers.



6.      Enjoy the new opportunities that Digital will bring to your business.


Are you ready to turn yourself into a Digital Transformation chef? If you have any doubt about the recipe, don’t stress yourself! IRIS SMAC won’t leave you alone. We will go by the hand throughout all the process to achieve the success for your business. You only have to contact us.