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5G – The era of intelligent connectivity


The era of intelligent connectivity is already a reality. The 5G networks have as a central piece of powerful and flexible networks that will connect everything to everything and everything to everyone. This will allow more sophisticated applications and technological transformations that will change society.

The irruption of 5G entails an evolution and, at the same time, a revolution. An evolution because the Internet connection will be 20 times faster and with better access than with the 4G, low latency and consumption and greater dynamism, in addition to being 10 times more energy efficient than the 4G in five years. It will be a revolution because it will change the way people interact, live, enjoy and work, and above all, the way in which companies manage their businesses.

Therefore, 5G technology means a change in the connection paradigm that we know, because it will be the driver of the Digital Transformation of society and economy during the next decade. GSMA’s new report, “The Mobile Economy 2019” has revealed that 5G technology will cover 30% of connections in markets such as China and Europe and almost half of the US market. It can represent 15% of the global mobile sector in 2025, which means 1,400 million connections.

5G will impact the solutions linked to IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, robotics, virtual reality or ultra-high definition. The objective is to create smart cities, smart metering, wearables and encourage the definitive step towards Industry 4.0 of services such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and emergency services.



In the last edition of Mobile World Congress 2019, innovative solutions based on 5G were presented in areas such as automotive, gaming and entertainment and medicine.

Thanks to the joint work of companies such as Telefónica, SEAT, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​Ficosa, ETRA or i2CAT, it was presented the connected car with assisted driving via 5G in a real environment. This connectivity allows the exchange of information between vehicles and the environment, which gives the driver a sixth sense to make decisions in advance and with a chance of correction, reducing the risk of an accident up to 68%.

The 5G connectivity applied to eSports minimizes the response time between the action of the player and the effect on the video game. This allows transferring all the necessary computing capacity to the cloud, thus offering simpler and lighter game devices.

In the field of medicine, at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​they have developed the “Connected Surgeon 5G” project, which allowed the first tele-assisted surgery with 5G from the United States to Barcelona. This was possible thanks to the incorporation of a 5G Vodafone network integrated into the AIS Channel Telestration application. From now on, the connection without delays to several specialists from all over the world will allow them to collaborate during surgical operations.

Despite that, the real 5G revolution will take place in the Industry throughout the creation of the ‘Factories of the Future’, which will be able to digitalize their production processes thanks to the incorporation of new real-time quality inspection systems based on Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging. In addition, what is more important, they can use the data stored in the cloud and using Deep Learning tools to relearn their processes to make objective decisions based on intelligent algorithms.

The 5G revolution is already a reality, although it will still take a few years to receive it in our day by day. However, there are already many companies like IRIS, which work on projects of great importance to make it possible. We are pushing the limits of technology to help industries and to take them to the 5th level, to the level of 5G.