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Turn-key digital solutions developed to cover your needs

– No matter the problem, IRIS SMAC is your solution – 


Our SOCIAL solutions, secure collaborative online platforms, have improved the connection between clients and business allowing faster and easier communication with the maximum privacy.


Location is not a limitation anymore. We make your business MOBILE, connecting electronic devices and machines through Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Accessible data from your business through online platforms available across a wide range of devices, such as desktop computer, laptops, tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS).


IRIS-SMAC ANALYTICS services have improved and optimised our customer’s processes with complex Data Mining Algorithms and/or mathematics modelling using historical and real-time data to perform complex predictions. Artificial Intelligence has created new business strategies from uncovered data and real customer preferences knowledge.


Our CLOUD Solutions is the ultimate step to connect your business from everywhere. We use the ultimate technologies to develop Cloud Solutions prioritising data integrity, flexible architecture, scalability and user-friendly interface.

End-to-End Solutions developed by our team
on demand for our clients

SOCIAL SOLUTION for Food-Processing Waste. Multiple high-value products from crop and food-processing waste.
  • Drupal Angular
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
ANALYTICS SOLUTION for New Medical Devices. Development of entirely customized new generation multi-modal and minimally invasive medical devices.
  • Weka (Java machine learning library and GUI/app)
  • Dlib (C++ machine learning library)
  • Statgraphics / Machine learning / Neural networks
CLOUD SOLUTION for Circular Economy. A blueprint and EU Policy-forming protocol for the recycling and valorisation of agri-food waste.
  • Drupal Angular
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL

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