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Environment & Connectivity Analysis

Data needed to be sent and direction

Data Speed Transference required

Computation, Algorithms & Data Mining

Between the most innovative technologies
we select the most suitable one,

PLCs, PCBs, Telecommunication Antennas...


and Communication

for design, develop, install and commisioning
the best turn-key SMAC Solution for your business.

Some Telecommunications' Work
designed by our team

Mitigation of the effects of one of the most important threats of rice: a fungal disease

Optimisation of Water User Efficiency (WUE) in irrigation

Non-standard frequency. A “free” (which is not used for other signals) frequency used for transmitting through it.

Smart on-line water salinity measurement network to manage and protect rice fields

* ZigBee, UMTS, GPRS

* Database: PostgreSQL

* Frontend: HTML and Javascript

* Backend: PHP

A safe, reliable pest control system to replace warfarin

Software application: 

   * C# .Net for software development 

   * RS-232 serial cable communication with the hardware

ATEX compliant multi-sensors nodes for measuring different parameters in the silo

* Software: C# .Net

* Cloud: Angular, Python, SQL

* Communication with the hardware: USB, OPC Server, Modbus.

Low-cost, in-field heterogeneous wireless sensor network (WSN) to predict rice blast

Wireless Sensor Network uses an ISM band at 433 MHz frequency.

   * Database: PostgreSQL

   * Frontend: HTML and Javascript

   * Backend: PHP

On-line wireless system for the measurement of temperature and humidity of composting material

Wireless Network in Low band frequency

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